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Eterna Health Tourism Agency, which started its operations in 2021 and has 15 sales representatives in 7 languages ​​(English, Spanish, German, Arabic, Russian, French, Turkish), 3 designer / video graphic designer, 2 Digital marketing specialists, cooperates with the leading doctors and hospitals of our country.

We are a 360-degree marketing, digital communication, and health tourism consultancy company, which set out with the mission of bringing together people or organizations who want to receive health services in many fields in Turkey and abroad in cooperation.

By establishing the right connection between the patient and the doctor and the hospital in many areas of the world, we set out with the mission of being a bridge between the patients and the doctor or hospitals in the implementation of the right treatment by protecting the communication and rights of both the patient and the hospital or the doctor.

In this journey, with our sales and marketing team of 25 people, we provide consultancy to institutions and organizations providing services in the field of health in many languages, digital marketing, and social media support, as well as CRM and sales network channel establishment.


As Eterna Health, our mission is to bring together people or institutions seeking health services in many domestic and international areas in cooperation with the leading doctors and hospitals of our country with our experience of more than 10 years.


As Eterna Health, our vision is to ensure that the developmental and remedial health services are delivered to all citizens in the country and abroad in easily accessible and economic conditions at world standards, to personalize this service in accordance with the needs of each individual and to provide a high level of comfort.


As Eterna Health, we aim to provide all kinds of support in all treatment processes by meeting all the demands and expectations of our patients, together with our experienced, professional, young and innovative team, by individualizing the health service that all our patients in need of any treatment receive above the standards.

Turkey has made its name known in the world in the name of health tourism with hospitals equipped with advanced technology medical equipment, doctors who have made a name for themselves globally, and equipped health personnel.

As Eterna Health, headquartered in Ankara, with over 10 years of experience, we have the comfort of managing all treatment and operation processes in an organized manner, which includes health institutions in many different cities of Turkey, numerous health personnel working there and specialist physicians.


We adopt the mission of being a bridge in health tourism by bringing together a patient from anywhere in the world with the right doctor and hospital in order to receive the right health service.

With our expert team in the field and our digital marketing and social media department, which provides services in many languages, we provide consultancy services on the establishment of CRM and sales network channels.

About Us

We are a 360-degree marketing, digital communication and health tourism consultancy firm, which set out with the mission of bringing together people or organizations seeking health services in many fields at home and abroad.

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